Room Filtration

Filtropur Vacuum

The Filtropur
Enviro-Breeze HVAC Filter

The Best and Last Filter
You’ll Ever Buy.

Electrostatic air filters use air and static electricity to capture airborne particles. There are no electrical connections or system modifcations needed. The air flow from your home’s ventilating system moves steadily over the filter media, enhancing its charge field. As airborne particles approach the charge field, they are drawn onto the media and held, until the filter is cleaned. For maximum efficiency, keep your recirculating fan running at all times.


Changing Your Air Filter Can Save You Thousands!

$26 x 12 months =
$312 savings per year!

$312 x 10 years =
$3,120 savings every 10 years!

In the average home, Filtropur™ Enviro-Breeze replaced monthly may experience a .5 to .55 pressure drop.

Features Include:

  • Combination of Woven Polypropylene and Non-Woven Polyester
  • Wire Reinforced and Stainless Steel Frame
  • 123 gm. Dust Holding Capacity
  • Anti-Microbial Polymeric Protection
  • Designed for Maximum Particulate Removal
  • Washable...Cleans in Minutes
  • Lifetime Warranty


It’s Permanent, Washable
and Environmently Friendly!

The EPA Recommends that the Most Effective Ways to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution are:

Simply remove your existing disposable air filter and slide in your new Filtropur™ Enviro-Breeze HVAC filter. About every 30 days, remove the filter
and rinse it with water or vacuum it clean. Return the filter to your system.


Easy to Install, Easy to Clean!