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At Filtropur, we reward those who work hard in order to achieve the results they desire. We operate on a staunch Principle of Ethics that we follow every day. We also acknowledge those who have worked hard by helping them advance within our career development program, or “The Rock,” as we like to call it. Ultimately, if you’ve built your foundation of sales, leadership and hard work on The Rock, you won’t go unnoticed and you’ll be very clearly rewarded. After all, “A dream doesn’t become a reality though magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” – Colin Powell
The Rock Career Development Program

  • Principle of Ethics
    • FVS’ Principle of Ethics is an agreement entered into by FVS and its’ distribution organization, designed to insure legal and ethical practices in the sales of Filtropur products. As part of this agreement, we expect you to create a favorable Impression with our Filtropur Consumers as to the following:
      • Compliance with all state, federal, local and provincial laws.
      • Complying with the spirit as well as the letter of the law.
      • Maintain a positive relationship with the customer by providing quality service and maintaining an ongoing relationship with the consumer.
      • Be courteous to the consumer through prompt and polite disposition of customers questions and needs; insuring the customer is satisfied.
      • Be a member of your community in good standing as well as an FVS customer in good standing.
      • Present a professional business appearance of your facility and the attitude of your staff.

    • THE ROCK career development program as outlined in our brochure is intended as a sales promotion aid and is not to be interpreted as an employment contract or as a legal agreement between FVS Inc. and any other party. FVS Inc. reserves the right for future modifications of the guidelines, features and regulations of this program.

  • The Rock Program
    • 1. Apprentice
      • By following the basics of the Filtropur career development program, an Apprentice can successfully reach the top of the business development program, THE ROCK.

    • 2. Associate
      • Learn all you can about the basics of Filtropur communication skills and the Filtropur product. Begin to benefit from the rewards of being part of THE ROCK, which will guide you in virtually all aspects of your life.

    • 3. Junior Partner
      • As a Junior Partner you start to benefit by further developing your leadership skills in support of your own career and business goals as well as in support of your team. You will benefit from the professional, financial and personal rewards of being an important part of THE ROCK.

    • 4. Senior Partner
      • You have reached the Senior Partner status by either delivering 12 warranted units in 2 calendar months or 32 units delivered & warranted in 3 months or have empowered 4 individuals to the Associate level.

    • 5. Resident Factory Director
      • As an entrepreneur the world of opportunity is now yours. Your desire, commitment and your willingness to succeed will determine how high you will rise in THE ROCK Career Development Program.

    • 6. Area Factory Distributor
      • As an Area Factory Distributor in the Filtropur family you will experience rewards and recognition that will begin to develop your wealth building process and your confidence as an entrepreneur.

    • 7. Executive Factory Distributor
      • An Executive Factory Distributor is a successful, experienced entrepreneur who continually promotes successful Distributors, in a business which operates on a larger scale than that of an Area Distributor, and should work to achieve long-term financial independence.

    • 8. Premier Factory Distributor
      • You have reached the highest status in THE ROCK program! A Premier Factory Distributor is a respected entrepreneur and a leader among leaders in the Filtropur Family. Premier Factory Distributor’s view themselves as business-and people-developers. As such they have the inclination and financial capacity to invest in and support members of their organization.

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